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About the GC

The GRAND ÜE is a medley of established international wine pros from all walks of life and with different skill-sets, looking to bring innovation to today's wine world.

But rather than standing back and watching, they choose to go out and make the necessary changes by promoting wine through fun, appreciation and without a stick up their a**es.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us at

Keep on keepin' ON!

Finkus Bripp GC - Founder of the Grand Crüe

The Grand Crüe stands for:

- POINTLESS* and B-Side wines
- Empowering the consumer by teaching rather than preaching
- Making the wine world a better place
- Making wine snobbery a thing of the past
- Wines which express their place of origin
- Honesty and Fair Trade
- Not following trends
- Wine appreciation
- Innovation and progression

and last but not least...

- A great time while we're at it!

Here's a taste of the latest GC road trip (video trailer):

For more information on the POINTLESS* Movement, please view the vid: